Decide better

Group decision making in Slack.
Built for distributed teams.


The decision platform for remote workforces and distributed teams.
Built directly into Slack.

Step 1: Create a decision

Type /decision in any Slack channel.

Enter details, a due date, and the person responsible for making the final decision.

step 2: collaborate together

Debate and discuss in a dedicated channel.

Invite anyone who wants to weigh in on the decision. All conversations are kept in a decision specific channel so everybody can stay on topic.

step 3: decide and move forward

Decide and move forward.

When the decision maker decides, DecisionBot will let everyone know the decision and then automatically close the channel. Easy as that!

Keep Focused

Single focus decision channels keep the whole team focused on the decision on one topic at a time.

Be Transparent

Make decisions in the open, and write everything down. Read the conversation that led to every decision.


View your team's custom analytics dashboard, built directly into Slack. Easily find any historical decisions.







analytics Dashboard

Team decisions dashboard in Slack

View analytics and leaderboards showing all of your team's decisions over time. Search by decision maker and click into any decision channel to review the discussion that went into any decision.

Never miss a thing

Stay up to date

See every decision that is currently ongoing in the entire team. Easily see any decisions that are waiting on you, or look around and jump into any other ongoing conversation. Focus!

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